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How to Light Paint: Light Painting Tutorials


Learn How to Light Paint in 2 Minutes!

Light Painting Basics: 5 Things to Know:

13 Questions with DARIUSTWIN:

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Light Painting Photography?

Light painting photography is a long exposure technique where the camera is set on a tripod in a dark location, and while the shutter is open, the photographer can illustrate with light directed towards the lens. Anywhere the light moves will be captured in the photograph.


What do I need to light paint?


Can you show me how to set my camera?

Sure, here's a video:


How about something more advanced, like drawing a skeleton with light?

I've made a video for that too:

Can I shoot light paintings using an iPhone?

Yes! It's a little tricky, but once you dial it in using the right apps, you can create legit light-paintings! Check out the video below to learn more:


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